“Found Money” Blueprint

“Give Me 1 Hour – I’ll Show You Why People Buy From You, Why They Don’t & How To Instantly Improve Your Bottom Line Profits With This Found Money Blueprint!”

(Or Your Money Back)

From: The standing desk of the most dangerous man in direct marketing

Dear Fellow VETrepreneur,

It doesn’t take money to make money – It takes bravery.

And you’ve proven you got what it takes. You, too, at one point wrote a blank check… made payable to The United States of America for an amount of up to and including your life. Signed it in blood…

While it may not be life or death anymore, know this: your marketing IS a matter of survival.

You’re charged with continuous innovation or your company will die…

You show your grit by committing to a life of daring as an entrepreneur, but you are often too close to problems to solve them. Especially if you’re forced to “do more with less.”

Fact: You can create a force-multiplying, million-dollar conversion campaign (in print, online webinar, and in person) without spending months staring at a blank screen or starting from scratch by allowing me to poke, prod, and record you raving about your product.

Because I know what makes people pay attention, why they don’t, and how to make your clients buy what you’re selling at any price – as fast as possible. And my job is to listen for and write the words most are too afraid to speak…

Your Secret Weapon

My name is Eric Bakey, I’m an Army combat vet who’s on a mission to help VETrepreneurs “combat imagineer” unconventional solutions for their marketing problems with persuasion in print and pictures that solve problems.

I’m proud to have served our country; Esprit de Corps! Engineers! Essayons! But it pales in comparison to the pride I have in the new fight I’ve taken up – transitioning from building bridges under rocket attack to engineering new profit centers within businesses as a highly sought after direct-marketing consultant and copywriter.

You need effective, measurable, direct-response marketing to produce predictable revenue.

You can quickly scale your business without spending a cent on traditional advertising, create new profit centers within your existing client base, and leverage saleable (yet hidden) marketing assets when you know how to highlight your product’s one “Big Idea” and singular Unique Selling Proposition.

You’ve likely found bringing in a civilian consultant to be painful or hiring a generic copywriter to launch an entire initiative is cumbersome, costly, and yields paltry profits. Leaving a bad taste in your mouth, and forcing you to grind out ways to grow your business alone.

Which is why I’ve discovered a superior solution… By committing only 1 focused hour, you can have your best sales pitch honed into a powerful script for your next sales presentation as well as know what strategic initiatives you need to focus on increasing your earnings and market share without guesswork.

32 Years Communicated In 3 Seconds

Stuck On Stupid

If you love the rollercoaster of unpredictable revenue, enjoy manual (old-fashioned) hard-selling, and 24/7 pavement-pounding … you have all the referral business you can handle… and you reach – or exceed – your sales goals for new and repeat business, each and every month without spending a fortune on advertising… then you might as well quit reading right now, because this is not for you.

If you already know why people buy from you and exactly how you’re going to double or triple your sales in coming months… then again, quite honestly, this is not for you.

But if you are a scrappy leader who has a sneaking suspicion you might be missing “hidden in plain sight” opportunities to create clients for life and want to:


Uncover and leverage existing assets in your business which skyrocket your margins – PREDICTABLY


Expose new income streams and develop a clear-cut plan to ignite a wildfire of referrals – CONSISTENTLY


Earn maximum money in minimum time, with less stress in your business, and have more fun in the process than you ever thought possible


Have your next successful marketing campaign written for you as effortlessly as having a conversation with an old “battle buddy”

So if you want a better than risk-free “no-brainer” offer that makes it easy to get started, from a combat veteran turned direct-response copywriter, then read on…

It’s a fact. MOST business owners unknowingly step over dollars to pick up dimes. Is it any wonder? They give no one any real reason to do business with them.

They miss obvious opportunities which can double their profit margins (yes, double in 30 days or less) and at the same time expose themselves to unnecessary risk (by gambling on advertising and constantly chasing new customers).

It doesn’t require a massive investment in time or fancy calculations to figure out either (to be fair: it’s simple, not easy)… In short order, new profit centers can be penciled and critical numbers can be solved on scratch paper with basic arithmetic even a 3rd grader can add up.

Laws Of Combat

I earned my Combat Action Badge back in 2006. During Operation Iraqi Freedom I served with America’s finest young Soldiers… alongside dog-faced Marines as well as some truly badass Navy SEALs in Ramadi – engaging in direct contact with the enemy as a part of Joint Task Force Pathfinder. (Check us out in the New York Times Bestseller, Extreme Ownership)

My unit built bridges over the Euphrates River while receiving indirect fire from insurgents… I’ve been shot at while operating a bulldozer and spent sleepless nights with mortars exploding frighteningly close to my hooch – experienced emotional extremes a civilian never could… which stretched my perspective and sharpened my senses.

Allowing me to tap into the deepest depths of motivation to command attention among the chaos along with the ability to write compelling copy which grabs you by the collar – taking your buyer on a journey and waging all out war on your prospect’s skepticism.

Lead And Win

You’ve achieved real success in business and you know you need to prioritize marketing to make consistent sales. By now you also recognize the power of effective copywriting… and how it can replace an entire squad of salesmen who need to be trained, paid, and policed.

You don’t want a boring “average” business… And so it is – you must admit you haven’t seized all the opportunities available to you. Which can be hard to accept. Especially with a company you may have built from scratch.

It takes courage to admit weakness. Maybe more than it takes to move towards the sound of gunfire. I know firsthand. (I’m no Rambo, but I’d like to think I’m hard to kill.)

Even smart business owners overlook self-evident solutions to their biggest problems. I can help guide you to identify common sense solutions, and show you how to make them common practice.

You’re Under Attack

You’re surrounded on all fronts by “low cost leaders” stealing away your best customers. Constantly undermined by employees who do the bare minimum to keep their jobs; ripped off by vendors who don’t care.

It might seem like you have few other options besides doing everything yourself… working longer hours and reducing prices in order to advance your business.

To make matters worse, multi-channel digital marketing can be confusing. Wrapping your head around the bogus advice and all the shiny “silver bullet” tactics out there is exhausting.

You could spend months developing mediocre sales messaging and waste countless dollars driving traffic to an offer that doesn’t convert… frustrating yourself and your staff with dismal conversion rates…

Or worse, doing nothing at all – admitting defeat while your competition continues to seize ground.

You may feel like it’s “every man for himself,” but you couldn’t be further off target.

Instead of staring at a blank screen, guessing at what works, and trying to figure out your next million dollar marketing campaign alone…

You could invest a single hour to set your next campaign up for guaranteed success… one perfectly executed hour to set up months of successful sales… spending 60 minutes to innovate the underpinnings of your entire marketing strategy.

You can automate your lead generation (inexpensively: worldwide online as well as in your local market), reduce your conversion cycle, and increase the Lifetime Value of your clients with proven-to-work referral systems that don’t make you sound pushy.

Generate predictable, scalable, growth… all starting with one well-conceived, well-executed plan.

You just need to know who you can count on to clear the road ahead… to assess the situation quickly and deploy scarce resources… someone you can trust to stand by you when bullets snap close to your head with “tactical empathy”.

Getting To Higher Ground

Putting a gun to someone’s head is an effective way to gain compliance. It works 99% of the time.

Yelling and screaming may gain consent, but resorting to brutalization – forcing someone to take action – is not an effective way to get your clients to know – like – trust – try – buy – repeat and refer.

Persuasion is the most ethical form of influence, and Capitalism is the ultimate sign of freedom – it is your red-blooded American Duty to use the best of your ability with the most effective marketing in order to sell your products.

Shouting (with self-important advertising) is not selling, and there are easier ways to scale your business without resorting to high-pressure tactics.

Hold The Line

You start to look at life differently when you’ve seen death up close. And worked on projects which will stand the test of time.

You learn to love the ones you’re with (The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships). You recognize patterns someone – who’s never smelled the hot coppery stink from the bleeding wounded of both sides, or shared beans & bullets with soldiers, sailors, and marines – ever could.

Look, eyes with sight are common and eyes with vision are rare. I may be a little crazy, but it’s vital for you to know I’ve got your back.

Did you know the only difference between a dollar bill and a $100 dollar bill is the message on the paper?

Change Your Message, Change Your Life

How you tell your story matters, how you measure success requires discipline, and you need to prepare to win. You have a life-changing product, and you have the life-experience to evoke an emotional response from those who will support your mission.

You can move the masses and show the world why you are the only logical option with the right message – Let’s match your message to your hungriest market and write stories that sell …in print, online, and wherever you want to make money.

Which is why I’m looking for a few hard-charging clients who want to develop effective, resilient, direct-marketing campaigns.

In only one hour together, we can:


Record you while you’re excitedly answering specific questions about your product – a streamlined method to get your best sales pitch communicated… showing skeptics all the reasons why they should trust you pay top dollar for your offer


Transcribe our conversation into an invaluable document – a solid first-draft for a new conversion campaign (sales letter, direct-response ad, emails, etc) so you can persuade your clients to spend more money on your products and services


Provide you with an innovative “Found Money Blueprint™” – engineering opportunities for you to develop new business exponentially


Craft a compelling Unique Selling Proposition to position you as preeminent in your market – allowing you to attract ideal clients who will stop at nothing pay premium (value based) prices


Keep focused on what business you are REALLY in (creating customers for life) …Never again overlooking the fact that a customer isn’t created until they buy from you a second time – I’ll show you the elementary “Return On Relationship” math so you can “purchase” clients at will

Found Money Blueprint™ Process

“Combat Imagineering” Your Business

With insatiable curiosity, I listen for hidden hooks and sketch the psychology behind what makes your clients buy and why they don’t.

Most important, I’ll show you how you can improve your sales in an instant with my unique process of “combat copywriting” all while sketching the entire strategy with direct-marketing doodles – amplifying the big idea so your vision becomes a reality.

I have a high-speed method which is the fastest path to cash. Before I put pen to paper, we’ll chat about what gets you fired up – I’ll interview, record, and transcribe you at your finest hour talking about your product. (Enthusiasm goes a long way – you’ll fall back in love with your business again!)

Armed with this research, I can hone this raw information into a priceless document: A conversion machine which triggers your buyer’s deepest drivers of desire and attracts your ideal clients who will pay any price to get what you have…

If you have the courage to admit your business isn’t perfect. And that you’d like the support of a guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty… someone who has your best interest at heart…

To help you survey the battlefield for opportunities – free from the fog of war caused by daily conflict while clearing the path ahead… who will inspire primal courage with simple words… Then here’s what to do immediately…

The Few

Bottom Line: if you’re a hard-charging entrepreneur who wants to engineer exponentially more profitable sales campaigns, then here’s what to do immediately… schedule a 15-minute “Triage Call”. I may be a little crazy, but I’ve got your 6… and I’ll prove it.

“Risk” 15-minutes to make sure you’re ready for what I’m about to do for you. If after our fifteen minute call we feel we aren’t meant to share a fox-hole or move forward with my “Found Money Blueprint™” Consultation… I’ll directly refund your money and we’ll part as friends.

Before you schedule, know this: I only work with visionary business owners, and those who can implement quickly – schedule only if you’re serious about bringing in a subject matter expert on salesmanship in print and have a product you’re passionate about.

That’s why it’s important to “triage” your marketing situation without making any assumptions of what works and what doesn’t. My methods are not for the weak of heart, and I can only help you if you’ve got a “bleeding neck”.

Schedule My Triage Call & Reserve A Time For My Found Money Blueprint™


VETrepreneur John T. Triples His Business In A Month Without The Use Of ‘Shiny Objects’ Or Becoming A Marketing Guru

Joe B. Gets Clarity On His Message and How To Sell More While Having A Good Time In The Process

VETrepreneur Brian S. Experienced The Power of ‘Tactical Empathy’ and Explains The Hidden Benefits of This Process

Schedule My Triage Call & Reserve A Time For My Found Money Blueprint™


If you pass muster, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire along with my “Shock & Awe” kit. In it you’ll find a number of actionable ready-to-deploy campaigns and case studies from clients I’ve worked with, which you can put to work in your business right away.

Then I’ll review your questionnaire and record myself as I Secret Shop your business in preparation for our “Found Money Blueprint” Consultation.

You’ll receive my “Return on Relationship Report” – a business development strategy and training brief which shows you how much you can spend in order to acquire customers.

When you know this number, you’ll be able to scale your business without resorting to sleazy sales tactics or reducing prices.

I’ll also send you a pre-release of my new book, Moving Targets: How To Persuade Without Brute Force which shows the simple steps to effective use salesmanship in print… making you more influential in life and work.

Enjoy advanced access to my step-by-step system which uncovers the hidden marketable assets within your existing business and a natural referral system that works like a charm.

And as an added bonus, after your call, I’ll send you the premier issue of my premium $97 per month newsletter which includes “swipe and deploy” strategies you can immediately implement to bring in a flood of consumers (Remember: a client isn’t created until they are willing to refer you!)

I’ll show you exactly how to tap into new rivers of income and grow your business without spending a cent on traditional advertising.

How To Scale Your Business Without Spending A Cent

“Got Your 6”



My personal and professional mission is to be a defender for all those who trust me with their time, money, and attention. Allow me to relieve you from all skepticism in moving forward.

If for whatever reason you feel I have not delivered 10x the value of our time together after our one-hour call… tapped into hidden gold mines within your business… which can provide countless future revenues…

Delivered to you a “better than good” experience, actionable “blueprints for found money”, the raw materials for a million-dollar sales letter, all backed with the confidence of world-class service – simply let me know.

I’ll refund every penny with a smile, and donate $100 to your favorite charity for wasting your time.

I recognize and appreciate any apprehension you may have in dealing with an ‘outsider’. Even though I’ve had tremendous success writing in a number of niches… I’m inclined to tell you it’s to your benefit I don’t know as much about your unique market as you do.

But I do know how to streamline your buyer’s decision making process. You can’t see the picture when you’re stuck inside the frame, so my professional, independent perspective could reveal the most valuable insights you’ve ever had for your current business.

So secure your 15-minute call right now, and let’s get after it.

Ever Vigilant — Ready to Combat Imagineer Your Next Campaign

Schedule My Triage Call & Reserve A Time For My Found Money Blueprint™

Complacency Kills

If you do not constantly work to “better your best,” you are ripe for disruption. Innovation should be your focus, and you need to constantly be working to “beat your control”.

The real question is… “What is NOT having an innovative perspective like this in place really costing you?”

Remarkable, breakthrough ideas are realized in some of the strangest places. Not surprisingly, they don’t happen when you’re laser-beam focused on solving a complicated problem. They happen only when you can step away from the problem at hand… and think more creatively.

“You can’t see the prescription when you’re stuck inside the bottle.” Having an outside perspective can and will give you new insights into why people buy from you – leading to marketing and messaging breakthroughs.

All it takes is one “stray idea” from my extensive experience – how much do you think even one executable idea would be worth it to you… leading to even a mediocre improvement of your marketing and sales?

If we can work through your challenges and opportunities (on record) – capturing your big “reasons why” so you can create your next million dollar promotion – weaving a golden thread through your big idea from vision to reality… would it be worth the modest investment of time and money to work together with a marketing expert?

Schedule My Triage Call & Reserve A Time For My Found Money Blueprint™


Advanced Sales & Persuasion Training

Find Out What People Want And Show Them How To Get It

As a final bonus, after your Found Money Blueprint™ Call, I’ll send you my Advanced Sales & Persuasion training – developed for a client who paid $15,000 a month for 4 months to have me help him develop the most profitable square footage the fitness industry has ever seen.

This is nothing like you’ve ever seen and is meant to be used as a “train the trainer” program – allowing you to become preeminent in your marketplace and empower your people to be ALL STAR salespeople without worrying they will steal away your best customers.

Schedule My Triage Call & Reserve A Time For My Found Money Blueprint™

Engineers Build, Blow It Up, And Clear The Way

Consider it my Commander’s Intent:
To deliver you results in advance

I look forward to hearing from you. Booking a convenient time for us to talk on my calendar is very easy. However, I can only do 3 “Found Money Blueprint™” calls per month, and I’ve also turned this page into a letter – mailed it to 100 of my “Dream Clients” which even got me promoted in Dan Kennedy’s No-BS Newsletter the last three months in a row.

Dan Kennedy Is Not Easily Impressed

Rest assured, this is not false-scarcity. Time is the most precious asset we have, and I can only work with a select handful of clients.

I have no interest in running a big copywriting agency and outsourcing the hard work – focusing instead on going from Good to Great by being a world-class storyteller – and a champion for VETrepreneurs to get everything they can out of everything they’ve got.

Your Battlecry

You may have been trained to shoot, move, and communicate – but it’s time to become a Warrior With Words – with the unshakable support of your Sergeant of Salesmanship In Print.

Following a proven process of recording and transcribing an interview of you at “fever pitch” about your product – conducted by a “combat imagineer” copywriter – complete with a sales audit with sketches of your buyer’s psychology

Deep diving into your direct-marketing message with doodles which capture and amplify your big idea and turn your vision into reality

These “pictures with a purpose” are blueprints. Treasure maps. And our recorded conversation (& transcription) outlines the entire strategy plain as day

No more “bright ideas” which go unimplemented… half-built bridges which do more to frustrate you than give you clarity

You’ll have a “ready to fire” action plan, and vital materials for your marketing success… critical components to build a bridge between “what is” and “what could be”

You’ll have a battle plan to scale your business beyond messy, manual, episodic marketing – without gambling one cent on advertising

You’ll identify your “magic number” – your Return On Relationship math which shows you exactly how much money you can afford to spend in order to acquire a new customer and a simple strategy for igniting an explosion of referrals

As well as an advanced copy of my new book, multiple “swipe and deploy” marketing assets, the most popular issue of my premium newsletter, and “train the trainer” sales program

All backed by my better than money back guarantee – if you feel for any reason I’ve wasted one minute of your time, you’re not trading “dimes for dollars”, or even if you don’t like my “working class” accent… say the word and I’ll refund your money immediately and donate $100 to the charity of your choice

The Quick And The Dead

Every day you delay is costing you money in lost sales, margin, and “poisoning the well” for anyone who’s on the fence about purchasing your products.

The pen may be mightier than the sword – but I still carry both wherever I go.

So, let’s get after it! Get started now to SEE why people buy from you, why they don’t, and how you can instantly improve your bottom line with more effective messaging online, in-print, and in-person.

Simply click here to schedule now and be taken to my calendar so your registration can be processed quickly and easily.

If you are thinking about asking for help and are hesitating, just remember that he who hesitates is lost. Don’t get pinned down, outmaneuvered, and flanked… Frozen by fear and indecision.

The first step of “Buddy Aid” is to eliminate the enemy – and in this case, it’s your skepticism that your business is different… that things “are what they are” and you can’t change them. That’s misguided…

And the law of nature is simple: Sow and you shall reap. You have to be prepared to sacrifice today, for even greater gain tomorrow.

However, I am not asking you to sacrifice anything.

This is not a large investment of time or money, and there is no obligation for any long-term commitment. If you want to get ahead in life, this is your moment.

Don’t hesitate. Reserve your 15-minute Triage Call now before you forget, bleed out, or this offer is no longer available.

To your continued success,

Eric Bakey
Chief “Combat Imagineer”
PMA Performance, LLC

P.S. You’re bombarded with misinformation and solicited by high-pressure salesmen all day long… People who piss you off, promise you the world, and deliver very little. But I’ve got you covered. I won’t waste your time.

Helping You Amplify Your Big Idea – Go From Vision To Reality