Offer something , something unique and intriguing
This is the third article in the series to show the difference between value and price so you can present your irresistible offer…

You must differentiate yourself to avoid marketing incest. You’ve got to offer something different to your customers, something unique and intriguing. Technically, this is known as “differentiation.”

Pretty much everybody looks around their industry or whatever market they’re in, see what everybody else is doing, and copy it. This is why there is so much bad, ineffective, and unprofitable marketing in the world!

In order to generate results which are not just a little bit better, but results which are dramatically different for your business, you must look outside of your business. You must seek inspiration for those excelling in other markets. Seth Godin covers this in “Purple Cow.”

The drive thru window was invented by banks, not the fast food Industry.

What makes you, your company, your products and services different from everyone else? What makes you important to your best prospective buyers or customers? It can’t be something weak like, “We offer great service.” Zero in on what you do or can do better than anyone else in your market.

Highlight your strengths, and start looking outside of your industry for creative ways you can deliver a “dream come true” experience for your customers. What would your business look like if you only got paid for done, like a real estate agent?

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