The funny thing
about Marketing…

Simple Sells.
And spending money is no laughing matter.

I help fellow VETrepreneurs & small businesses bridge sales and marketing gaps with cartoons that clear the way on the front lines of capitalism.

Often they are not using assets that are sitting quite obvious, in plain sight. However, what is common sense is less often common practice. And eyes with sight are common but eyes with vision are rare.

I’m a conversion copywriter who uses visuals and cartoons to communicate direct response marketing strategies. Basically, I write words that sell, doodle for dollars, and create irrationally loyal fans for businesses.
The techniques I use produce BIG, game changing ideas.

Then we rally their people – moving them in one focused direction towards a goal they can SEE. Leading rebellions from industry norms and following a treasure map to ‘X marks the spot’.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so we’re careful to run the numbers before undertaking any creative destruction to an underperforming business function.

You could say I’m a data driven troublemaker – taking a calculated approach to innovation. Some may call it playing devil’s advocate, but in my defence, I consider it pragmatic… I love systems and processes, constantly improving upon what works and identifying what isn’t performing at its best.

Data Driven Troublemaker
Currently I’m living in Austin, Texas by way of Baltimore Maryland, and I have clients all over the world. As long as I have a Wi-Fi connection you can find me working anywhere, and I try to visit clients once a month.

I wasn’t always aware of the power of marketing, and I found myself in this position in a very roundabout way. I joined the Army after high school.

As a combat engineer I built bridges over the Euphrates River under gunfire, and fortified fighting positions in Ramadi while Navy SEALs provided sniper cover overhead – during the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War (2006-07).

I spent my young adulthood playing the dirt, blowing stuff up, and leading engineering missions in some very hairy situations. While I am proud of my “blue-collar” contributions to the war effort, I’ve always had a playfully difficult way of getting the job done. When you look at the world differently, it’s hard being told what to do.

I knew I wasn’t going to stay in the Army for 20 years so I got out and landed myself an apprenticeship with the Elevator Constructors Union.

The discipline the Army taught me combined with the extreme attention to detail required to install high-rise elevators and escalators help me achieve my master mechanic license in short order.

Still… I knew I could do something more.

I started studying business books in my free time and went on to start my own online personal training business.

Because of my stern yet lovable demeanor, I attracted clients quickly. Soon enough I was making enough money to leave my day job as an elevator mechanic.

The thing is, I was still trading dollars for hours. I may have been working for myself but I was far from an entrepreneur. I started studying marketing gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and Sean D’Souza.

They showed me the power of compelling copywriting, and how I can follow in their footsteps to become the next Titan of Direct Response.

Sean D’Souza taught me how to draw cartoons, see things differently and build a three-pronged business model. Dan Kennedy showed me how to think like Disney and taught me how to be more persuasive with my writing. And Jay Abraham taught me to get everything I can out of everything I’ve got and to fully embrace the power of preeminence.

My family back home still doesn’t quite understand what I do, and my mom still thinks I scam people on the Internet. But money earned ethically is the product of value creation.

The clients I work with teach me something new every day, give me energy, and work with me on an ongoing basis.

Entrepreneurship is a life sentence and can be a lonely road which is why I partner with my clients to support their continued success – I view our relationships as strong as blood.

They know I have their back.

When I’m not writing sales copy or architecting “found money” blueprints for clients, I enjoy drawing caricatures, training police & service k-9s, and I’m still a total fitness nut.

Cartoons tell a story is more true to life than reality itself. Working dogs give you immediate feedback on behavioral psychology – yours and theirs. Persuasion without force is both science and art.

Never forget your health is your wealth. Make time to sweat every day. Embrace the suck and suffer in silence. The way your body moves your mind grooves, and strong people are harder to kill.

I was born in Philadelphia, got to see the world with the Army, and learned my trade in Baltimore. I’m a bit of a vagabond so the weirdness of Austin keeps me sane… but who knows where I’ll be living next.

I’m a disciplined, determined, direct marketing fanatic. Albeit, a little irreverent when it comes to seeing the current state of the business and marketing world.

I guess it’s the punk rocker in me… but most of what I see being peddled as advice is dull, distracting, and downright wrong. There is nothing worse than spending time doing what doesn’t need to be done…

You’ll never bore anyone into buying anything from you or fool anyone into falling in love with you so stop trying to market like the big dumb companies. Embrace your uniqueness!

While often I want to grab a client by the collar and force them to sit still long enough to show them the numbers don’t add up… to stop being stuck on stupid… But I learned to be more diplomatic.

Since I nerd out on the numbers, you could call me a “persuasive bean counter” in my humorous attempts to make sustainable strategic change in the businesses who bring me in to run compelling marketing campaigns.

Many clients have never worked with crazy copywriters let alone aggressive marketers who want to change business paradigms.

SO if you haven’t been completely put off by hearing my brief life story, send me an email or schedule a call to discuss how I can help you tap into YOUR hidden marketing assets.