You can’t bore anyone into buying from you.

Unless your offer is immediately irresistible – you’re slowing down the sale, creating skeptics of your business, and contributing to the BLAH BLAH BLAH of bland, ignorable, advertising.
Your potential clients have heard it all, seen it all, and been pestered with countless options – many cheaper than yours… so how will you ever compete, sell at higher prices, and position yourself as the preeminent leader in your industry?

Customers on demand?

The purpose of a business is to create a customer – so how do you do it? Our world today is very confused, but it’s actually quite simple: by improving the life of somebody else. But it’s not enough to create value. Your sole focus must be to communicate your value in such a way so people will willingly buy your products and services.

Back for more

A customer isn’t created on the first sale. The second sale is where the customer tells you that you delivered on your promises. Getting your customer to come back is everything.

Beyond know, like, and trust

People buy from people. They trust businesses who make them feel understood. You create irrationally loyal fans when you show them how much you care. That you have their back. Their best interest in your heart.

You start by asking yourself…

“What is going on inside the head of my potential client?”

And the failure to accurately answer this question is the #1 reason why your marketing and advertising fails. It’s because you’re not accurately focused on WHO is your customer is and what is on THEIR mind. Most importantly, if you have the solution to their problems — What is holding them back? You must focus on their emotions, desires, hopes, fears, ambitions, doubts, skepticism, and past experiences (primarily their burnt fingers; self inflicted or not).

You’re making me nervous…

Every product or service has a primary benefit which causes clients to buy when you communicate it well – If they’re convinced they can get this benefit, they will buy from you. And there’s also a conflicting fear that will hold them back from buying or doing anything at all.   And so it is. The two of them are at odds with each other. The fear is that it won’t work. The fear is that they will pay their money and they and they will be worse off as a result. You lose customers when you don’t eliminate all of their fears while showing them how you are a category of one – the only solution to solve their problem.
Eyes with Sight are common. Eyes with Vision are rare.
In order to win their hearts, minds (and money) you must be absolutely crystal clear… “Who is my ideal customer, what is that my customer wants, and what do I need to do exceed my customer’s expectations so they buy again and refer a friend?” – when you can do that, then you systemize it for a wonderful business for all your life. My name is Eric Bakey, and I’m a veteran US Army Combat Engineer turned copywriting “imagineer”. By combining BIG IDEA copywriting with the attention to detail required to build bridges under gunfire, I focus on scientific processes which get repeatable results. I spent my young adulthood blowing stuff up, so with playfully creative destruction (innovation!) and a focus on simplicity, I help visionary entrepreneurs create bulletproof marketing campaigns.

Why most marketing is ineffective – and what to do about it.

Marketing is actually much easier than most people make it. ‘Experts’ have been pounding out the message of “more is better”. It seems like every week there’s a new guru or tactic that comes along promising you incredible results like you’ve never seen before. All of this chaotic activity adds up to fragmented, undisciplined and ineffective marketing. And it’s a vicious cycle. Because the more ineffective your marketing becomes, the more you’re tempted to try everything under the sun. You can sell far more of your products or services – and reduce your costs by half or more – by marketing less – and committing to accomplishing ONE THING at a time at each step.

Step 1

Target the right customer (who?)

Step 2

Lead generation and capturing prospects’ contact information (Results in advance aka “first date” opportunities)

Step 3

Converting prospects to paying customers (eliminate fear)

Step 4

Exceed expectations – Increasing the number of sales you make, the value of each sale, and the frequency of purchase from each customer

Step 5

Create advocates (Clients who pay premium prices, stay for longer, and refer their friends)

Loving the ones you’re with

Focus on your ideal clients

You do not need a massive customer list to be successful. You can be more profitable by focusing on your ideal clients and be energized by your life’s work.

Serve them with passion

Becoming the preeminent provider for your goods and services should be your measure of success – and you do that by falling in love with your clients.
This website promises to deliver tested direct-marketing principles, and will always aim to provide you results in advance.
You don’t need to read hundreds of books or spend thousands on seminars like I did. You need the facts. In a fun way. Bite sized, consumable caricatures of effective marketing methods. This website it not about getting rich quick or going to provide you with antiquated, stodgy advice or shiny-object, hyped-up guru hysterics. I want to share with you my observations of what’s wrong with modern marketing and show you how I figure out what makes people buy – and why they don’t.

The difference between $1 and $100?

The only difference between a dollar and a hundred is the message on the paper. Use the information I provide you carefully – copywriting is salesmanship multiplied… no matter the medium. Download the report. Do the math yourself. See the power of simplicity and what less, but better will do for you. To higher response, From your favorite data-driven troublemaker, Eric Bakey “Combat Imagineer” Founder, PMA Performance

P.S. See what looking for an “opportunity to date” before you ask your customers to “seal the deal” will do for you – and how sending them “love notes” completely changes your relationship by downloading my FREE report, “Return On Relationship – Results metrics that actually matter” And you’ll also get daily direct-marketing doodles emailed to you free – cartoons which will show you tested marketing principles in a fun, easy to understand way.

P.P.S. Don’t jump to conclusions. Identify the biggest problem, the ultimate goal and the needs – with accurate thinking from your customer’s point of view. Thinking accurately means always assuming that you could be wrong. In every step of your selling process, do a true test – a market test, get a true opinion and double check your facts. Measure everything. The entire focus of the business owner has to be that of customer creation. You do this with direct response marketing and committing to constant improvement.